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There is a new thread over at NeoGAF with evidence that Nintendo is already done with the NES Classic Edition. Multiple hints that they are simply going to stop making it, despite Reggie etc. claiming otherwise for months. Just a giant build-hype-for-the-brand, pull-out-before-we-devalue-what-we-plan-to-resell-to-you-for-the-10th-time on Switch move by Nintendo. Nerd rage is high, they will simply be rewarding the scalpers for their shit behavior if it's true. Doesn't surprise me, nothing Nintendo does could surprise me at this point. I've little faith left in them. They simply will not allow themselves to meet their potential.

Scumbag scalpers with friends working at Wal-Mart had no problem getting (intercepting shipments) NES Classes despite the limited stock, to sell at 2x MSRP!

Thanks Nintendo for wasting everyone's time! Here is the thread: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1343586

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