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I think he had enough of the neocucks around here and their pedo accusations. It got real fucking old. Also apparently IWKYB and Agnostic Pope were both Anenome alts, which pissed me off.

He's still on reddit posting away. He seems to have a different tone now.

I did some day trading today. Made a few bucks. Its fun trying to filter through all the hype, shills trying to get ppl to FOMO so they can dump.

Honestly, i like to pick a coin, any coin, its all memes and thin air. As long as its volatile with no super huge dumps or pumps in the middle of no volume, watch for the big buys to pump, jump in, get out before they do. Skim your way to 6 wives and a mansion. Im using Binance

I think BTC is going to be safe. The CME came on today, fear caused a selloff.... its mostly recovered right away after a 3% drop. I also think 100k is happening this year. Just waiting on that Wal Mart of exchanges to open up.

Remember the dot com bubble. It was at 10 Trillion before it popped, BTC is at 300 Billion. BTC could get this big. Even if BTC is a bubble we are no where near the end of it.
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