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Originally Posted by DingBat View Post
Fair enough on the violence, but what would UNFORCED lesbianism actually look like?
I think I would be considered on your side ideologically if your main point is, "anytime homosexuality is brought up in media AT ALL, idiots claim it's "forced"", but in this case, I think it actually IS very forced. The entire framing device of the short film (I sincerely doubt this is in the game) is based around the kiss. We've never seen anything like that before in gaming and I think I can say with relative certainty that if it was a male-female kiss, not only would we not have ever seen a trailer like this, but we would see "think pieces" criticizing it's blatant display of heterosexuality.

When the personally, I found the trailer awkward and uncomfortable for tons of reasons outside of just the homosexuality. I found the violence and sadism to be off-putting as well as the kissing. That's not at all what I come to videogames for. But that's why I don't buy Naughty Dog games. If it's any good, I'll watch it on Youtube like I did the first one. But I'm not going to bu yet or "play" it.
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