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Originally Posted by JazGalaxy View Post

When the personally, I found the trailer awkward and uncomfortable for tons of reasons outside of just the homosexuality. I found the violence and sadism to be off-putting as well as the kissing. That's not at all what I come to videogames for. But that's why I don't buy Naughty Dog games. If it's any good, I'll watch it on Youtube like I did the first one. But I'm not going to bu yet or "play" it.
Well I'm glad I'm not alone!

What does unforced look like? Simple. Unforced is when it doesn't become the entire focus of your set piece and set up. Unforced is when we know for a fact that the game designer was not trying to champion his own political agenda and shove it down everyone's throat for feelings of moral superiority. In this case, we know from previous Druckmann statements that is very intentional and meant to antagonize (look it up). What kind of fool seeks to lessen his target audience to prove a political statement, and why did Sony agree to this? Last I checked they were a for profit business.

Here's an unforced example: Certain females in other Mass Effect games only being romanceable by other females. I had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM WITH THAT. It provided choice and equality there for the taking, not shoved in your face by someone with a hateful, yes HATEFUL, political agenda. Druckmann is all down with the "f*ck Trump" movement and all that. Classic liberal "if you don't agree with me you are scum and I hate you and I hope you die and I hope you don't play my games/music/etc." mentality.

I also would have felt uncomfortable and thought it stupid if she has kissed a man in that shot. Just as forced and nonsensical. Does it want to be a damn soap opera or torture porn/snuff film? Druckmann is just SICK.

The whole point of video games is escapism and CHOICE. I can't escape identity politics in LoU2. I understand if playing as Ellie is central to the story, but why then can't I just CHOOSE who I romance or kiss in a cutscene? No, I cannot, because the stupid designer has an AGENDA. So I am boycotting Naughty Dog as long as this guy's leading it.
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