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I did think a lot of the conferences themselves went poorly. EA’s was just a little dull, Betheseda’s was way forced. They kept doing the “pause for applause” thing over and over and no one was clapping and what is with pushing Quake Champions, Prey and that card game no one plays? It was awkward as all hell.

Microsoft had the traditional press conference, but having some annnouncer go “Exclusive” over and over in front of titles that you know are multi platform titles was painful to watch and seemed kinda desperate. It’s not exclusive if you are just the first people to show it. That was their “exclusivity” for most of those titles, it was the exclusive console premiere, not a title with something exclusive to the Xbox. That’s just marketing doublespeak.

They only showed off like four actual exclusives: Halo, Ori 2, Forza 4 and Gears of War 5 and you could argue that those aren’t even exclusive any more since Microsoft puts everything out on the PC too. I also thing that not showing anything from Halo or even talking about it was a mistake. The Press Release at least says that it is a new Halo title in development, from the video they showed I just assumed it was some kind of a legitimate version of Halo Online. I’m sure other people were probably confused too.

Sony’s Press Conference was nicer, they mostly just showed the games without the awkward pausing for applause or the dumb introductions of developers who we just don’t give a shit about, but as a result it was really subdued and felt like they didn’t show as much.

I think Ubisoft did the best overall, they are still doing the “big show” and doing introductions, but they had a lot to show off this year and thank god they dumped that Girl Wood model. She was terrible. I enjoyed the whole Just Dance 2019 intro. That was fun with the dancing panda and the crazy costumes. Sure, it is a title I will never play, but they made a nice intro out of it.

Square was smart. They didn’t have much to show, so they just streamed the trailers and left it alone. The new Tomb Raider looks great, but I still haven’t played the last one and my backlog is so big now that I’m not sure I’ll ever get to it. I think if you like those games, it will be another good one. Who doesn’t like killing dudes with a bow? Always fun.

Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be amazing for sure. Wasn’t it recently delayed again?

I agree about Fallout 76. I just don’t know that it is something I wanted or needed. I think there is a fan base out there that wants it though. My Son is playing Fallout 4 today and his buddy is playing Fallout 4, but they can’t play it together. So, it fills a niche there for sure. Perhaps not for me though, it seems like something way too open to griefers. Perhaps if they have some PvE servers I could totally get into it. That is how I mostly played WoW, I stuck to the PvE servers for my primary character.

I didn’t mention Rage 2, it looks amazing, but the promo was painful to watch. Not sure who that musician was that did the intro, but he’s bad. It is like they have this great game, but have no idea how to market it. They just need to let it speak for itself like the last DOOM did. It’s going to be a great game, people will find it and buy it.
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