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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
Wow, 12% is unheard of for most developers. Valve and most others take 30% right off the top, and that's for every single transaction. In some contracts with Valve once someone has done one Steam transaction with your game they become a Steam client, not a <Insert Company> client and ALL transactions they do in that game have to give Steam the 30%.

I suspect this is one reason you can't un-entangle your Elder Scrolls Online account from Steam if you bought it on Steam. You can only ever buy anything from ESO off Steam from that point on. If you try to install the regular client and log in it will tell you to use the Steam ESO client.

I am not privy to the ESO agreement so this is just speculation based on what I've seen in some other drafted Steam agreements. There are some real shit deals for developers publishing on Steam.

I wonder what they'll do with creators who create in-game content (aka their version of "hats"). Right now Steam rakes them over the coals for like 70% in most cases.

If I had any of my games on Steam and I didn't have an exclusivity deal, I'd be creating an Epic version right now even if it didn't have as many features (Achievements, cards, etc) since it probably costs almost nothing to do.

Still, the Epic game center hasn't really been hammered like the Steam Client. i know it's genesis and some of that worries me, particularly from a security perspective. But to reclaim 18% profit on whatever may sell? I'd take the chance, screw Steam.

If only GoG Galaxy was a better piece of software and GOG actually had more current AAA games they could do it too, but their DRM-Free stance makes it tough on them.

Hopefully Epic has already talked to Discord about getting featured somehow. I can't believe even Discord has a freaking marketplace these days.

Good question, I wonder if there is some kind of exclusivity you have to hand over to Steam once you're on the platform. Maybe not for all, but maybe for some.

Anyone know?

If Steam has them by the balls, then they might go only to the new platform (among other concerns) if designing a new game. But if they could bring existing games over and package them with Epic, then game on.
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