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Originally Posted by Wizzkidd View Post
How scared of reality are you? Everything he said in that post is accurate. I tend to separate the creators from their creation as much as possible, but when you know what they have said and stand for, certain things in games can stand out more than they would otherwise. It's just reality, no one is scared of vaginas.

Sony's conference sucked hard. I was seriously annoyed while watching it; I don't watch E3 conferences for banjo's or dudes playing skin flutes for 5 minutes. What a bunch of pretentious crap. I liked the Sucker Punch game and RE2. Everything else was meh to maybe. The Spider-man game still hasn't sold me.
I think we might have similar tastes. I thought the same thing about the games. Although, while the Spider-Man movie they showed during e3 looked bad, the after-show had a lot of footage of the actual gameplay and it sold me on the game much more than I had been previously.

The combat looks boring and tedious, but the open world stuff looks fun.
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