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Watched someone play this on Twitch last night, I was legitimately bored after 15 seconds of gameplay. The attack animations and sounds have a weird disconnect, making it seem like you're swinging around nerf toys and combat in general is ridiculously repetitive, relying heavily on spamming the same counter-attack animation over and over. And, I'm not sure what difficulty the guy was playing on, but enemies just would. not. die. One group of 3 enemies took upwards of 10 minutes to defeat not because they were difficult, but because they took an absurd number of hits and revived themselves on-death (they did this 4-5 times each).

As for this "masterclass of atmosphere"? It's some of the edge-lord-iest storytelling and visuals I've seen in a while, complete with a hooded bad guy who's only capable of speaking in a nearly incomprehensible voice-morphed monotone. "Your mother defied the gods and now you will suffer too", "you can't save anyone", "you don't even know what is real", "blah blah blah".

Also, to quote the EGM review: "Senua herself is just stunning to look at, from her character model, to her design, to the way her face and body act or react". This is actually laughable, the quality of Senua's (the main character) facial animations are on-par with Mass Effect Andromeda on release day. Her eyes bulge out like she's some humanoid insect (and are unnaturally vibrant), her mouth can't decide if it wants to cry or grin, and her lack of eyebrows just makes her look that much more bizarre. Some of the tech might be impressive (mostly wrinkles being added in new place, like the bridge of the nose), but I found myself laughing at her expressions more than anything.
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