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Originally Posted by PacerDawn View Post
Fine, but my second point still stands and the fact that Strange knew how to do it makes it even more egregious. They used a cheesy plot device to get around it in my opinion.
You might not like the plot device of, "I've seen the only outcome in which we win"...but, he saw the course of action that will help lead them to a victory and - for whatever reason - apparently keeping Stark alive is key.

"What else could they do?" doesn't make it less of a plot hole. I mean, hell, in that battle they even did tactics to immobilize the gauntlet so he couldn't use it. That only served to emphasis the issue. Sometimes they try and explain it, and sometimes they just let it happen and let the audience do their own explaining. I get it, some people don't mind it but some people it grates on. I usually let a lot of stuff go (like the transporters in Star Trek), but sometimes I get snagged on one or two and in this case that happened.
We've never really been in a situation where an Infinity Stone could be used against another stone, at least in the MCU. During his viewing of 14+ million outcomes, Strange very well could have seen that the effects of the other stones could fuck with the effects of any other stone. Sure, Strange could have used the Time Stone...but there's a very real possibility that the Time Stone may not have worked as intended when, say, the Reality Stone was being used to counteract it.

In fact, the only other time we even saw anything remotely close was during the first Avengers film, when the Mind Stone (via Loki's scepter) was used to close the portal opened by the Space Stone. It's very likely that the stones can fuck with each other, meaning the Time Stone could have possibly been rendered all but moot.

Could they have explained this during his brief exposition? Sure, I suppose.

We still have the second half of the story awaiting us next summer, too. They filmed 'em back to back, so they're pretty intertwined.
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