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Originally Posted by Chimpbot View Post
He didn't realize the cost for the Soul Stone until the moment he was trying to get it. For him, it was all fun and games...until that moment.
Yes, it was clear he didn't realize the cost until the Red Skull explained it to him. However, it seems that Thanos was always willing to make such a sacrifice, as his mission always came first. I actually though that was a good scene, with Gamora basically laughing in his face, thinking Thanos had thwarted himself, but then realizing both that he hadn't and that he actually did love her. Even without that scene, I don't agree that it was all fun and games for him before that. Thanos believed it was essentially him versus the universe, as he explicitly stated that he was alone in his quest. In fact, I think that's why Strange couldn't do to Thanos what he did to Dormammu -- Thanos was so incredibly dedicated on his mission that he would simply never stop, being that he took this so serious that he'd be willing to relive the same moment over and over and over, as that would also, in effect, save the universe from ending. During the final battle with Iron Man and the rest, Thanos mentions that he'll finally be able to rest after he's done wiping out half the universe. At the end, Thanos seems to have adopted a far more simple life than at the start. I think if anything, the argument should be between Thanos enjoying the defeat and killing versus being insanely dedicated to his mission, not the idea of it ever being all fun and games at any point for him.

Originally Posted by JazGalaxy View Post
Yeah, but he DOESN'T like killing. That was one of the points of the story. He's a hero, in his mind. He's doing all of this, after all, so that people won't have to suffer and struggle. The fact that he doesn't like killing is largely why he left Thor alive on the ship at the beginning of the film.
I disagree, I think he does. As for leaving Thor alive, it seemed that he intended to kill him by destroying the ship completely. The other option seems that he was intent on leaving half of a population alive. This really seems quite arbitrary, as the Asgardians had already been decimated prior to Infinity War. Thor, if I recall correctly, said Thanos showed up and killed half his people. So, it seems that if you have a population of (for just the purpose of this scenario) 4 people on Earth as opposed to the billions there are, Thanos would have killed 2 of those people. Regardless, it seemed that Loki and Thor were the last two gods, and perhaps one simply was supposed to survive if the blast wasn't intended to kill Thor, which I think it was.

Also, why was Stormhammer apparently powerful enough to overpower the gauntlet with all the gems?
Originally Posted by Anenome View Post
Many cultures of the world marry girls off after their first menses, around 13 years old. I can't say that's inherently immoral, no.
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