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Maybe I'm just trying to be a sociologist here, but I'd really like to know more about this EBGames review posting community. This "faceless" group of morons, what drives them? What is it exactly that makes them post about games before they are released? Are they being serious, or is it some kind of "game" to them to post a review as quickly as possible just for that purpose? What, do they just surf the EBGames website all day looking for new additions so they can say something before anyone else can? Maybe its just 1 loser idiot who has created countless accounts and spends all day doing this. I almost consider this possible since every post sounds like it came from the same source...or perhaps the community operates via some kind of central retard brain....
Anybody else willing to shred some light on this mysterious and retarded species?
Maybe someone has spotted one in the wild! Any pictures of these elusive retard-beasts would surely be priceless!!!

P.S. Maybe thats another good idea for ba. Have a photochop contest and ba can post a weekly image along with the cited source

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