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Originally Posted by wunshot View Post
Funny because I never played the original and I hadn't played the original Shadow of the Colossus. I bought that re-make and boy, that was a total piece of shit. Empty world to say the least. I was fearful this would be the same, but this is more like Bloodborne with an actual story and better graphics to boot.
I can't believe you've never played any of the 4 previous entries in the God of War series. 6 if you count PSP.

Also can't believe how you can compare this game (playable) to the almost unplayable difficulty of Bloodborne.

Or that you expected a direct re-make of a PS2 game to not have an empty world. New God of War is NOT a remake or remaster. Of course, Shadow was all about loneliness and the giants were supposed to steal the show, not the game world. At the time it was kind of a tech demo for what could be achieved on PS2. They focused on at the time amazing things like giant colossi and amazingly animated horseback riding which were revolutionary at the time. For you to call it a piece of shit is really disrespectful.
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