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After playing the demo, I thought it was pretty-ok, if not generic like many have observed above. One thing I can say I liked about it was situations where the game gave you some interesting options. There is some giant robot in the demo you fight and you have several ways to disable it, but they are all on some hidden timer.

For example, a squad mate says "Hey shoot those power lines and drop em on his head and such" but if your slow ass thinks the game will stop at that point for you, you're wrong. If you don't get to those power lines in time, then you lose that option. Other ones will open up to take down the robot, but if you're too slow on the draw then you loose out on those too and just have to blow the thing up with copious amounts of ammo and survival tactics.

I don't know if that is represented throughout the game or just in that one section of the demo, but I thought it was kind of a cool thing. Most games seem to "stop" in time and let you achieve the objective (eg- shooting power lines, grabbing a rocket launcher), even when there is some purported sense of urgency. In this case I liked how the sense of urgency was real.

Also, I'm pretty much always down for a "when does an AI become self-aware and alive" kind of story. I guess I'll grab this bad boy at the bargain bin. I'm still too busy replaying the ME series right now....
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