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Originally Posted by screwyluie View Post
and this video has a shield... quake is about skill shots and now it's not. Imagine if they put a shield in Counter Strike. It's always been about customization but never to the detriment of skill the skill shot. Custom avatars, custom levels, custom weapons. I wonder how much of that will carry over, likely none. Shit makes me sick the more I see of it.
Totally agree with you all here, Quake was/is about player skill on a level playing field. Any class with even a tiny advantage will totally dominate in 1V1 or DM etc... team based goal orientated play is the only place where classes make sense IMO.

I strongly suspect there will be a pure classic mode where everyone is equal, seems a logical mode to add to me.

Class team based play is definitely more approachable to more skill levels and hence why its popular... still would be nice to have a classic mode in the game to cater to the hard core crowd.
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