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Thread: Vegas Shooting
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Originally Posted by SpectralThundr View Post
Cameras would have caught lugging up that much equipment. Never mind the lack of motive and the brother keeps changing his story. There is plenty of footage on youtube that suggests multiple shooters. But if one is only getting their news from CNN or MSNBC, it's not at all shocking that you have no reason to question. Keep eating up what the MSM feeds you. Continue to be an ignorant low information liberal moron.
Why would cameras catch it? Guns that haven't been assembled don't take that much space. Nor does boxes of ammo. Nor are cameras going to catch every single thing every single day most of the time. Especially since this is Vegas.

Why does a lack of motive even matter? Either they haven't found a motive yet, or he was just insane and didn't have one other than one he made up in his own mind. There's no need to invent a massive conspiracy here just to feed into paranoia. It isn't healthy dude.

The only people screaming conspiracy here are Infowars people, even to the point Alex Jones had to make up getting info on a conspiracy live on air when people suggested to him this was just a lone madman.

Maybe he did have help. Maybe someone helped him with setup. But there is no evidence whatsoever of that nor is there any signs of a vast conspiracy by a governmental agency or affiliated group. This is "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" all over again back from when people thought Bush or Cheney ordered planes to fly into the WTC. As in a bunch of people either making stuff up wholesale or asking questions and trying to answer them with conspiracies when those questions have much simpler answers.

As for the NRA thing mentioned by others, considering the NRA simultaneously asked for removal of regulation on open carry in the same breath they asked for a ban on bump stocks (while making sure all bump stocks corps have are sold out en masse) they are in no way hindering gun ownership. Gun corps are making bank on fears of legislation while simultaneously having the NRA push for more advertising opportunities. That's not a conspiracy either. It is shitty behavior, but not a conspiracy.
Originally Posted by SaintBlitzkrieg View Post
Also, Telltale signed with xbox, with fear that if they released Jurassic Park on the PS3, the dinosaurs would get loose.
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