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if $10 seems awfully expensive for a fully game with a unique concept, which has already been shown at game events and received pre-release accolades from the IGF, and which just had a VERY successful demo event through OnLive at one point being the 2nd most played game on the entire Onlive service........

If $10 seems expensive for a full game like that, then you have pretty warped expectations. Even if you personally have no budget, that is a MINISCULE amount to ask for a game.

I'd hardly say it's a risk. It's in a very playable state, the release date is not very far off (August), and- as said- there's already been playable demos out at conferences and through the limited engagement with OnLive. Caveat Emptor and all, but this one isn't much of a risk to anyone who's researched the development or seen the rate at which new content is coming out.
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