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Originally Posted by Vesuvius View Post

if $10 seems awfully expensive for a fully game with a unique concept, which has already been shown at game events and received pre-release accolades from the IGF, and which just had a VERY successful demo event through OnLive at one point being the 2nd most played game on the entire Onlive service........

If $10 seems expensive for a full game like that, then you have pretty warped expectations. Even if you personally have no budget, that is a MINISCULE amount to ask for a game.

I'd hardly say it's a risk. It's in a very playable state, the release date is not very far off (August), and- as said- there's already been playable demos out at conferences and through the limited engagement with OnLive. Caveat Emptor and all, but this one isn't much of a risk to anyone who's researched the development or seen the rate at which new content is coming out.
I'm glad you feel it's worth it. I'm sure they are more glad. I'm not going to stop you from throwing your money at them, I'm just not going to do the same with mine. If it really is that good, then maybe I'll pay full price for it when it comes out, which benefits them even MORE than if I paid for it now (since it will probably be more expensive).

But right now, compared to how other Indie Devs are doing it, their method is a little pricy, so I'm just going to wait and see.
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