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Even though you wouldn't know it by walking into one today, arcades used to be so much more than a mostly empty room with 5 variations of Stacker and a broken Big Buck Hunter. During the greatest decade, the local video arcade was a glorious bastion of dim lighting, blinking video screens, and blaring music: sensory overload in all the right ways. It was a simpler time when losing one of your lives in a game actually meant something because it was literally costing you 1/3 of your quarter. So you either got good and kept playing, or you ran out of tokens and could only stand and watch someone who was either a better player or had richer parents. (Stupid coin-devouring Gauntlet.)

Many of us who lived through the golden age still long to re-capture those happy times. And now, thanks to the twin miracles of emulation and craigslist, we can bring a radical slice of that 80s arcade awesomeness into our own home for not alot of money. Of course it helps if, like the Metal Jesus, you have a burly tool buddy who can help out with some of the more hazardous aspects of taking a broken-down mass of eletronics and particle board and re-building it into a monument of retrogaming greatness.

Place your quarter up on the marquee if you want next, because Drunken Master Paul is about to take the top spot on the Manly Geek scoreboard in this week's episode of METAL JESUS ROCKS! :

While nothing will ever be able to fully re-create the experience of going into a Gold Mine circa 1983, you can still get pretty close with a MAME cab, a dark room, a blacklight, and a Styxx album turned up loud in the background.
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