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I'll gladly throw some cash your way Evil. It will be a few weeks, but I've got no problem hooking a brother up! Thanks for the fantastic site, great community, and allowing me to post random shit. Its also super sweet that we can go toe to toe with you and not get banned.

Seriously though, I really enjoy this community and want to give everyone props for being themselves. Always entertaining

Random bit, I removed google ads from my site because I think they're a bunch of assholes. lol. I certainly don't get the amount of traffic you guys do. You should also become an amazon affiliate. For in-house reviews and such, you guys could really generate some cash. Hell, even the ones I do and link to, I'd gladly set up a link to purchase stuff where you get the profits (for the stuff that's posted here). You giys could easily edit those in to my posts as well. If you'd like to discuss that more, PM me. But I think there's definitely potential there.

There's also a HUGE opportunity for that in recent releases you guys do. If y'all aren't doing that already. I noticed you link to each one. But I've never seen a disclaimer saying your an amazon affiliate. Asking the community to purchase items through each post is also fine. You guys really have a LOT of potential there, Evil.
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