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Originally Posted by Misanthropist View Post
Personally i blame the online focus of consoles for killing the split screen aspect that used to make consoles *more* desirable than PC. GC/X box original/360 and 2/4 player split screen and co-op single player kept me entertained for many a friday nights with friends for years!

Now far too many developers seem to want 1 copy sold per person, playing alone in your room, which my pc does just fine.

So this is my first console gen not owning anything new, because the PC was always better, Got old, and split-screen co-op/multiplayer is no longer a standard in the console industry, and i think it is a damn shame.
in the ps3/360/wii gen, the pc was not receiving many AAA ports, and now it is back getting exclusives.
Yah, I've got to wonder if there's some element of influence to this. Aside from "plug and play" convenience that comes with a set top box, the one thing that really divided the line between PC and Console was couch co-op or local MP. Consoles were livingroom hardware designed with multiple controllers in mind. Games were also often designed this way, and PCs were in peoples offices and bedrooms on a desk, where play with friends and family was much more difficult, especially being that PC games were often only designed for single player or online multiplayer.

But I wonder..if it's part of the bigger pictures that the space that divides the console from the PC is ever shrinking. They're coming dangerously close to becoming the same product. I think that's why there has to be valid console innovation. Steam is working fast to completely close the gap, and consoles are doing the same thing. They're working themselves up to be closer to PCs with GUIs, multimedia functions, hardware upgrading, and games focused on online MP.

Another factor..people who still play console and PC games are what I call "power users". I think...as each generation goes by with less and less gamers playing games on their PC and console...and growing up on smart devices, tablets, etc and their games, the total number of "power users" is shrinking.

So...most people chalk up declines to mobile users. But look at it this way, would anyone on this website, who are almost all "power users", substitute console/pc for mobile? Absolutely not. Or a very small percentage I'd guess. The mobile gaming experience is still too underwhelming for power users. I think this means less kids are actually becoming power users, and are going straight into mobile gaming.
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