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So...most people chalk up declines to mobile users. But look at it this way, would anyone on this website, who are almost all "power users", substitute console/pc for mobile? Absolutely not. Or a very small percentage I'd guess. The mobile gaming experience is still too underwhelming for power users. I think this means less kids are actually becoming power users, and are going straight into mobile gaming.
I like this point a lot, it does a great job of simplifying the differences in our gen, because you are correct, i will never go without my super computer :P .

Terran is always making more than one intelligent critique, and is generally more right than wrong. Many older games such as me, share his exact common sense regarding bang for your buck, So yes, all the cost advantages of having a pc set up to do everything a console does, and more, is also a more enjoyable experience!!

X-box forgot about making it an enjoyable experience when they flooded the damn console with adds, clunky interface, fees, shitty free games of the month, and the list goes on.
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