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Speaking of Mass Effect and why I am boycotting the fucking compilation, here's some data from the Amazon reviews:

The good: ME 1/2/3 all included in one package. All of ME1 DLC is included [editor - interesting as this product was developed pre-EA/bioware purchase].

The bad: the following DLC is missing:

Lair of the Shadow Broker
Overlord Pack
Kasumi - Stolen Memory

From Ashes

Also, ME3 plays on with all ME2 DlC considered canon and played whether or not you have actually own or played through it so you sort of want to get the ME2 DLC for the whole story.

To fill in these gaps in ME2 and ME3 DLC you'll have to buy a shit-ton of "Bioware Points" to the tune of an additional $55 bucks. So for a few games that are 5 - 10 years old you're looking at close to $100 bucks on instant access or $60 for the whole experience.

THIS IS A RIP OFF. AFAIK no other franchise, not even Dragon Age, has done this awful gouging for this long a time frame.
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