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This is a cop out and the thin line that keeps the masses from outright rebellion and (I suspect) protections from Government regulation.

The amount of time->pack exchange is usually pretty significant and for a game where the power delta for the haves and have nots, such as it appears is the case in Battlefront 2, I'm not sure this is a good path to go.
This is kind of a "remains to be seen" factor for Battlefront 2. If the rate of earning packs is punitively long relative to purchases, then yeah, you could make a case for them forcing people to buy packs. That was a common concern before the release of Battlefield 3 and 4 with the announcement of the shortcut kits. Everybody figured they'd force you to grind the class forever or buy the shortcuts. When the game released it turned out to be easy enough to service star a class (unlocking everything a particular shortcut unlocked) inside of a few hours--just as one would expect if the purchase option didn't exist. Think the only shortcut kit I got any use out of was for pistols (as they're largely useless/pointless in Battlefield), and they gave that one out for free.

The rate of unlocks in the Battlefront 2 beta wasn't that terrible--in three or four nights of play, I managed to unlock half-ish to most of what was available at least at bronze. Don't think I had three card slots opened on any but one or two classes, but I had two on everything I could. I'm not saying it was ideal; for example, scrap prolly should've been easier to come by, and the beta didn't have the same focused crate availability the full game will have. A lot of people speculating wildly that all the drop rates are gonna get crushed, and that the rate of earning will be slowed to a grind. Could be the case, no telling yet. Aside from that, the biggest factors are gonna be total number of available items to unlock (which is reduced by having focused crates for each class) and availability of alternate means of unlocking (like challenges and crafting).

Unlocking everything will prolly take half of forever. Customizations on 16 heroes alone should be staggering, and that's before counting in 4 classes, two 'ground' vehicle types, 3 starfighters, and however many hero ships they add. Unlockables added over the game's lifetime will increase that pool too. Unlocking a specific handful of go-to cards and gear shouldn't be too bad though, if the beta was any indication.

In terms of star cards relative power, most upgrades offered diminished returns over the previous tier. Bronze cards all more or less had the majority of the advantage that a plat card would provide. You get more edge, but with the variety of cards/situations, it shouldn't be anything decisive. That's another "remains to be seen" factor, but didn't see any indication that players with common cards would be at a serious disadvantage against players with very rare cards. Bronze cards had a low crafting cost too.

Bigger factor was more the number of card slots, which are unlocked relative to the combined level of cards you held in a class (max 3). I'm definitely not very keen on that, but the number was pretty low. Have to hope that doesn't change for the worse on release.

It could still go either way. They could totally screw us, or it could be something people are blowing way out of proportion. I'm in no way a fan of gamble-to-progress setups--like I said, vile stuff--but nothing in the beta suggested to me that I'll be punished for not buying packs. Hoping I don't get stabbed in the back in a month.

Gamble and 'gacha' systems in the wider sense? Yeah, there's some pretty nasty stuff out there. Some places around the world getting government regulation on those practices, wouldn't mind a little of that over here. A fairly large share of the android "gaming" market is just poison.
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