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Originally Posted by Karai Pantsu View Post
This is exceptionally dangerous thinking in regards to gaming as a money making experience, and I'm surprised no one else has commented on it yet. The only people who win out when this idea becomes the status quo is the corporations who get your money when you gamble it away. There is far less consumer value in this than even the original horse armor DLC that sparked such a fevered debate all those years ago about paying for cosmetic changes in games.
How so? I find this system much more preferable to the player base splitting season pass/DLC approach (In which I see nobody winning). Whales will fund further development while those who do not wish to pay to gamble don't have to. Everyone gets access to content at a price point they set for themselves.

How is this not more player friendly? If you want to go back to paying for a season pass, or map packs, only to then have nobody playing those expansions due to only a fraction of the base having them, be my guest. I see no value in that situation.
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