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Originally Posted by Karai Pantsu View Post
The idea of a fragmented player base is preventing map packs from coming back, not the fact that they made no money. If it were permissible by the player base, you'd better believe they'd bring that back on top of the gambling metagame in a heartbeat.

The reason it's far less player friendly is pay-to-win is a dangerous and player-hostile system in and of itself, and now this introduces a new RNG element to the pay-to-win formula. The fact that various players can set their price limit as high as they want is irrelevant. The only people who stand to gain anything from this shift in monetization mantra are the developers. There is no player, free or payee, who benefits from this since the randomized element now even detracts from those free players who only want to grind boxes to get materials to make whatever specific item/boost they want, since there's the real option they'll receive a reward that can't be used to that end.
That's just my point. Map packs/season passes/content DLC are inherently unfriendly to a multiplayer user base, far more so than loot boxes (even game mechanic altering ones).

You have to define pay to win a bit more there. In this specific game can a user pay to gamble more? Sure they can, but that offers in and of itself no inherent advantages over another player. Someone could drop as much money as they want, and still end up with nothing they deem useful.

You say players do not benefit, I'd argue they do, financially. In this system they no longer have to shell out more money for content.
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