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My most successful config so far has been a Centurion with 2 LRM 10 ++ (+stb and +crit) and an LRM15++.

My double PPC Shadow Hawk Sniper has been a hit (haha!) too but is a meat factory. I churn through mechwarriors in it since I dumped all the armor and it is basically a walking (jumping) target but of all the other mechs I have in my arsenal at higher tonnage (griffin, quickdraw, dragons, kintaros, Blackjack, Vindicator) nothing else seems to be working.

I am still failing over and over. I am not sure how I got into 3+ skull missions with my performance. The RNG in the game is very frustrating.

The only saving grace is I can sometimes exploit the AI by taking out their jump capable mechs then kite the ground-bound mechs around mountain ranges and using sensor lock spam and try to pick them off but that is painfully slow and risky.

It has led me to be forced into devoting at least 2 tons of every mech to jump-jets and almost every mechwarrior I have is a tactician/<something else> because I can't go on a mission with less than 3 sensor locks. I know at least one will probably die to a crit/lethal headshot and I'll lose another to some other incredibly lucky shot on the part of the AI (or something incredibly stupid on my part, to be fair).

The difficulty spike patch can't come fast enough.
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