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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
I want to add that I'm still finding enough game in here to have some fun, obviously, but it is swaddled in a big ton of shit and overhead which strips out a lot of the joy.

I don't expect to be able to jump into the middle of 4 other mechs and survive getting my shit getting blown away but I would like fights to be fair. I can't remember the last time I had a fight that was ANYWHERE near my weight class of (now) about 350 tons.

As with the above example I was running a Highlander, Battlemaster, Shadow Hawk (I put all the armor back on), and Griffin for about 360 tons. Just the TANKS were 240 tons. I get absolutely shredded no matter how conservatively I play; it is unavoidable. The player is ALWAYS rocked back on their heels. ALWAYS against 2 if not 3 or 4 times their tonnage. I've fought whole groups of pilots who have 3 initiatives in 80 ton mechs! I have one person who can do that and it took focusing almost all his skill points to get that +1 initiative skill!

There's a game here, and when it is firing off properly it is fun. But I tell everyone I meet "You'd better like slow games (in performance and playing) and you'd better LOVE table top Battletech and reloading your game a lot." Because if they don't they aren't going to make far in this game.

The first half-dozen missions? Sure, but there's a trigger in there somewhere that once it gets flipped you are screwed buddy! Warm up those save and load buttons!
I think it's just your early struggles that are making the end game hard for you. The Highlander you get from the one story mission is an absolute beast that can easily shred mechs of the same weight class, and one shot Medium/Light mechs. It also seems you may not have enough "tank" pilots to weather the beatings. The unique skill that gives you 50% damage reduction on turns where you don't move is basically the best skill in the game after the time of medium mechs passes. The damage reduction from that skill is so much more reliable than Evasion charges once you start dropping only heavy mechs
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