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Originally Posted by Juan View Post
Agree. Pretty disgusting behaviour from Evil. The guy has made some good games and is passionate as hell. On top of that he really tried to support his last game beyond release and make it into something people wanted to play, by all accounts it was a decent game. To laugh at him as his company folds and people lose their job is fucking disgraceful.
Alright. Let's get a few things straight here.

Two games that he did that I played more than just a few hours on. Jazz Jack Rabbit and Unreal. Props for that.

Then he shit on the pc crowd and heads to console. Develops for console then he shits on them. Comes back to PC and develops some fucking tone death terrible games because 'his name carries weight' with his fucking archaic idea of game design and then as a hail mary tosses out another clone.

Now, let it not go unsaid the games had quality and craftsmanship on par with triple A studios because hey triple A talent the only difference being money and time. Lawbreakers performed well on PC but on console was a mess with a terrible stutter. But it doesn't matter because the games were fucking boring. I felt like I was playing UT again when they tried to mix things up and they were trying to resurrect it. Which is fine but with overwatch right there with so much distinction and changes in dynamics to game play that is just totally alien to a guy who is responsible for UT and Gears of War it was very apparent he just didn't get it and hadn't played many games in quite some time. Probably too busy travelling with the money he made off of his oculus so whatever good for him. One of the co-founders of Bioware cashed out, divorced his wife and tours the world reviewing beer. Same story.

The thing is cliffyb just stopped playing games at some point so he lost the pulse of what to develop would be awesome next. I know people love bulletstorm but to me it was boring. The audio didn't bother me I love swearing. The game play is like playing a 90's fps with a whip and a kick. Big yawn. Gears of War did absolutely nothing for me I tried to like it but god is everything he has done since UT just bland. Where was the ideas guy who came up with the weapons for UT? Was cliff even responsible for that? Hell that shit inspired games like ratchet and clank, etc. I don't see none of that forward thinking shit.

I do feel bad for the people who have to deal with the loss of their jobs due to the shuttering but I mean come on. Cliff can talk well for a nerd and that's why publishers listen to him but lord has his games been boring for quite some time. If he made a jazz jack rabbit legends I'd come back for that.
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