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Originally Posted by Terran View Post
Do you understand capitalism? Do any of you? LOL! Companies take what sells and try to add their own improvements and value to it. That's how we progress toward better, cheaper products and services, through ruthless market competition. It's also how games have made such leaps and bounds in the past decades. Or, we can try it your way and have them emulate failure rather than success. Because...it wouldn't be gross then. :facepalm:

What I find disappointing about Steam is that they've just gotten fat and lazy. Their service hasn't tried to get my gaming dollars like it used to. Let's have another competitor come along and copy their best features, add their own, and beat them!

Oh I absolutely understand capitalism. And I fully understand how. It often leads to things becoming worse.

This conversation regarding battlefield 2 is exactly that. Case in point.
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