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Originally Posted by MusicToEat View Post
BF II is a case in point of capitalism working. A company thought they were big enough and/or had a property hot enough that they could do anything they wanted. The consumers roundly rejected that, and now EA is doing a course correction.

That's capitalism.
The course correction is lip service. This is the same stuff that EA has been doing for decades. It’s the exact same reason why Dragon Age has sucked since the first game, why Mass Effect changed genres after the first game and sucked after the second game, and why EA has left behind a graveyard of classic franchises from Deadspace to Ultima to Dungeon Keeper.

I mean, feel free to think that this means EA has “learned their lesson”. But if they haven’t in 15 years, I can’t inagine why they would now. The “we’re sorry we changed everything people love about the series in order to make a few extra dollars” apology is basically a form letter for them now. Just insert the title of the new game.
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