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Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
If you play any online game with voice chat, It is filled with people just screaming racist language and profanity, but I got banned for repeated use of the F-word?
As others have said, this will be a 24 h silence so it's not that big of a deal. Unfortunately, the reporting system in HotS is garbage. Everyone knows that the only thing that matters for reporting is the 'abusive chat' option, so people just use that for all reports -- so there's a good chance that your language had nothing to do with the silence. Someone doesn't like your cursing? Report for abusive chat. Someone doesn't like your pick in HL? Reported for abusive chat, etc.. Silences are given out based on the number of reports you receive (although I think that there is some decay mechanism), so if you play enough games there's a good chance that you'll get silenced.

They are supposedly working in the report system to help punish AFK/feeding players and reduce false reporting incidents, but who knows when that will take effect or how good the implementation will be.
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