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Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
Yea, I still find it majorly annoying to go up to an area in-game that they specifically made a huge deal about sending my character to check out only to have a big red X saying you canít access it without the Year 1 DLC.

It wonít stop me from buying the game or playing it, but itís really a shitty thing to do to your customers who just paid $40 - $60 for your game.
I didn't get the Year One pass because it didn't sound worth it. It was only a handful of new missions and that's it. However, the fact that the put a big blue indicator on the map for the $DLC missions is kind of irritating. Basically a carrot to pay the extra $$$. No thanks, I'll wait until it drops in price (maybe).

Also, if anyone wants to group, I'm PacerDawn in game (duh).
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