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Originally Posted by JazGalaxy View Post
My understanding is that right up until extremely recently, Japanese developers abslolutely abhorred the idea of using middleware tools to develop games. Every development studio made their own game engines and libraries.
And I loved them for it! Now everyone's using Unreal Engine 4, and to me, personally, many of these games feel soulless. I mean, just look at "Mighty No. 9" or "Bloodstained", and compare them to the 2D portions of "Valkyria Profile 2: Silmeria" on the PS2...

Coming back to SEGA, though, I fear their arcade roots are haunting them today. I love many of their old games, but only a few of them lend themselves to modern, full-price reboots. Arcade racers, arcade shooters, fighting games, brawlers and (unlicensed) sports titles simply can't command a 60-dollar price point anymore. Even excellent games like "Yakuza" fall into this trap.

That said, I'd love to see a full remake (certainly not a simple remaster!) of PDS and many, many other titles from the good old times. The world has been without "Dynamite Cop", "Daytona USA", "Crazy Taxi", "Virtua Tennis" and especially "Virtua Fighter" for too long!
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