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One, Doomfist.

Here is the post launch date character releases.

22 Ana Support 19 July 2016
23 Sombra Damage 15 November 2016
24 Orisa Tank 21 March 2017
25 Doomfist Damage 27 July 2017
26 Moira Support 16 November 2017
27 Brigitte Support 20 March 2018
28 Wrecking Ball Tank 24 July 2018
29 Ashe Damage TBA

So 5 females, 1 robot (female I guess), and 1 cute cuddly ball of murder (hamster). Of the post release group you've had 2 white characters, the rest are middle eastern, hispanic, and black.

The original line up had 10 males, 8 females, 2 robots (one genderless, one male) and 1 monkey (male). Of that original count 10 were white of various types, 8 were of other ethnicities (4 asian of various types, 2 black, 1 india, 1 middle eastern/native american).

So I'm just a little confused by the whining about diversity. I'm getting more and more disillusioned with the world I guess as all I see is alot of negative complaints and not praise for what we do get.
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