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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
Evil Avatar doesn't have millions of users, text is cheap to store as a memo field and this site doesn't have to hold up to "professional" up-time standards (though I've rarely run into a time when the site was down). Plus who knows the data structure involved in a saved game? It could be megabytes in size for each player. That takes a long time to transfer and a lot of storage space. You can't just sit a Dell XPS under some intern's desk and call it a day.

Like it or not hosting costs money (probably in multiple datacenters to serve a world-wide audience), engineering the system takes money, creating the admin tools takes money. Detecting when someone has tampered with files is easy and cheap.
I was going to point out all the mistakes in your assumptions, but that would be a mess because every single one is wrong.

I used to write custom database software like that, back before modern DB tools made it cheaper and simpler.
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