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PA Report: Why You Shouldn't Trust Our SimCity Review

Ben Kuchera from The Penny Arcade Report explains why he feels you should not trust the early reviews of SimCity.

The problem is that we’re not playing on final, retail servers. EA knew exactly how many reviewers would be playing the game, so our experiences with the always-on requirement is in no way representative of the final product. It could be the same, or the servers may buckle under the pressure and no one will be able to play the game they paid for.

It wouldn’t be the first time such a thing has happened, and since reviewers didn’t play under the same circumstances as normal consumers, our good or bad experiences writing the review shouldn’t be used as evidence that the sytem is ready to go, or that it will break. It could go either way.

We also weren’t able to try out many of the game’s social features, and those are expected to play a large role in how the game acts and feels in its latest incarnation. As Sophie pointed out in her thoughts on the game, it’s much like playing The Old Republic as a solo character. Sure, you can do it, but that doesn’t give the player a good idea of how things will be once friends and family are online and playing, and the mechanics of connected cities have in no way been tested by critics or players in a serious way. That sort of thing will take place in the ongoing coverage that takes place after launch.
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