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Originally Posted by Terran View Post
Such nonsense conflation of events. Fans were pissed, but The Force Awakens did over TWO BILLION in global sales, ranking in the top five all time, AFTER Disney made that decision.
A lot of that would have been generated from the look-in audience. There are plenty of diehards that avoided it.

The reason Star Wars is struggling now is because Disney has made a complete clusterfuck of episodes seven and eight, particularly eight. Folks were excited for seven despite the EU 'snap.'* They even returned for eight (top 15 all time) to a large degree. Now that they've seen what Disney is doing with the sequential series, they're pissed, and rightfully so.
I wouldn't disagree with this. The fans that dropped off because of the removal of the EU (mostly) wouldn't have checked out either and Ep8 lost a good chunk of the look-in audience from its predecessor.

If they don't want a mulligan, just wrap this whole series up and go to a different time in the same universe...perhaps to when the jedi first formed, or something like that. Do something NEW!
I don't think they should get rid of the prequels; they're part of Lucas' story, so for better or worse, I'd leave them be.

I do, however, think they should move away from the timeline we're accustomed to. People have been clamoring for a Knights of the Old Republic series, which would absolutely satisfy the folks who think Star Wars is just lightsabers.

* (If you don't get that reference, you're not a film or comic fan).
I don't think a reference to The Snap is all that obscure, anymore.
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