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I remember having this conversation with Anenome a while back. In every successful civilization from the dawn of man you can find 20 or so universal rules, ethics, laws, or whatever you want to call them.

If you want your civilization to succeed you follow these rules. Punish Murder, rape, what we would call capital crimes, and the ten commandments, etc. are common parts of these rules.

But, as Eats says they are context sensitive. They only apply to YOUR civilization. When opposing tribes or civilizations clash the rules do not apply to the OTHER.

This is why, until we reached the Modern Western World, a person such as Andrew Jackson can be hailed as a hero for over 125 years for the Battle of New Orleans and his time as a public servant before we begin applying modern standards and vilifying him as a fiend for the Trail of Tears.

No other conquering world powers in HISTORY has guilted itself to destruction the way the empires of the Modern Western World have. Mainly the US and the UK.

Heroes from centuries ago are being held to standards of today they couldn't possibly have known about and becoming villains. Decisions people had days or weeks to make 500 years ago are now being judged with 500 years of hindsight and decades or even 100 years of analysis and research.

Cultures which didn't even exist or have historical relevance in education are demanding recognition, and even to replace knowledge of the cultures which established and raised the world to a plane of knowledge to where people could even begin to ask for such a thing.

So yes, the world is topsy turvey and except for just a few core rules the lines between good and evil are blurry and very context sensitive.

In 200 years Obama and Trump and everyone else here will be the worst of evil people because something we do every day which we have no idea is evil. But give it a few centuries of research and hindsight and we'll find out it was the worst thing ever done. And you can be damned sure there will be a victim group out there hoping to take advantage.

Based on what I'm seeing it'll be stripping rights of straight white Christian males. 200 years from now people will be like "OOPS!" but it'll be too late cause the muslims will have taken over. Or something!

I hope the last was political and racist enough for everyone, even Blackie! I want to be on the right side of history in 200 years.

My references for the above are based on the summation of my reading of a collection of books based or written on the of Dr. Donald E. Brown (Anthropologist), Dr. Steven Pinker (Sociologist), and Dr. Jonathan Haidt (Sociologist). There's a lot of doc brown's out there so I'm linking to him, and the book is a good read.

If you don't know Pinker and Haidt, they have some great information and you'd be a better person if you are interested in Sociology and looked into them (Haidt in particular puts a more anthropological spin to his stuff, which is where I ran into Brown). Both can be previewed by looking up some of their speeches and stuff on YouTube.

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