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Originally Posted by Terran View Post
Same. I also like Aden Films as well for their relaxing (kind of ASMR) effect. Who knew that hearing food sizzle, pepper grind, and metal spatulas on steel would have such a relaxing effect? Then again, I didn't think a hair dryer could either, but what do I know?

Matt Christiansen is my favorite news commentary channel. Unfortunately he only does two videos a week, but they are usually really good. He also does a call-in show every Wednesday as well at 9pm EST which I have been calling in to recently as a character and doing jokes (for example). (I'm thinking of starting a YouTube for that character as well...)

I watch wrestling, so I like Wrestletalk for news and Being The Elite for entertainment.

I think Internet Historian is hilarious, though he doesn't post videos nearly enough. He has a second channel as well.
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