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I'm not one for making political statements with a game - and I wont with this one. That being said, I cannot support Randy Pitchford and his idiocy, so unfortunately I'll be passing on this game until it comes out for some ridiculously cheap price or PS Plus gives it as a free game.

I've got a friend begging me to play it with her, but I really dont want to give money to Randy Pitchford. A guy in my FC in FF14 got all over me about that stance - basically saying that its just not Randy, but the other developers and employees there. My only reply to that is that if the stories are to be believed, he took that money from them anyway, so a huge chunk of that is/was going to Randy.

So no thanks. Shooting stuff until it dies is fun, but not enough for me to pay for it. I just pay 15 dollars per month to slash at something until it does, much better!
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