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Black Ops 4 DLC Locked into a Season Pass

PC Gamer has the news that Activision plans to lock the DLC maps for Black Ops 4 behind a massive paywall.

The Call of Duty community is in an uproar over Activision's plans for Black Ops 4 DLC, which will see post-release multiplayer maps locked behind a "Black Ops Pass". The pass will include a "bonus Zombies experience" called Classified plus four more "all-new Zombies experiences," four exclusive Blackout characters, and 12 multiplayer maps. As numerous unhappy threads on the Black Ops 4 subreddit have pointed out, that's going to split the community between those who are willing to pony up for the pass, and those who are not.

"Black Ops 4 has the potential to be one of the greatest games in the franchise. Unfortunately, despite the great game it looks to be, Activision is taking a step backwards by dividing the community with a MASSIVE paywall which many can't afford," as one user, Stroook, put it.

"The community is made of of millions of people coming from different backgrounds, ages, and groups. There are youngins who can't afford to beg their parents for $15 DLC let alone a $40-50 'Black Ops Pass' [pricing of the pass hasn't been announced] on top of a $60 dollar game. There are those who can't budget enough for more than one AAA game. Many can't afford the $100 dollar paywall Activision is creating."
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