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I will probably play this when they give it out for free, but the remaster isnít really even all that great looking. I was expecting it to look a lot better and $30 is way steep for a re-skin of an old game that if I wanted to play I could still be playing.

This on top of the Diablo mobile rip-from Chinese farming game and they really dropped the ball this year.

They keep kicking Heroes of the Storm in the teeth too, every time you turn around they are re-working maps and characters to make them appeal more to the dumb masses and less to the hardcore gamers who are actually playing the game. The Garden of Terror map is just an absolute travesty that never should have happened and no one wanted the Azmodan re-work, and what is funny is that because his health is so high, he is still one of the most played characters in the game even though now heís shit.

They are really going in the Wong direction here and at a time when console is king and PC is really the secondary market, they canít afford to make these kind of mistakes.
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