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Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
Seems like a decent actress, but it is such obvious pandering. First they cast a black female lesbian as the companion and now they are casting a woman as the Doctor.

What is weird is that they are dumping Capaldi after only 2 seasons? Seems like the ratings aren't what they should be. They should be asking themselves if pandering to a smaller base will improve ratings or will it continue to slide?

I'm guessing we will be hearing the announcement of the 14th Doctor before you know it.
guess it has been a long time for me. i started watching when John Pertwee was playing Dr #3. caught a few of the post Sylvester McCoy episodes but it never stuck with me. i thought he had 12 regenerations but i suppose they fixed that somewhere....

this news though makes me want to puke. it is clearly pandering.

next up will be a trans dr. who also happens to be gay.
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