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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
She's pretty at least. For someone for whom Dr. Who basically ended for in the 70's I haven't really kept up.

I guess there's no reason it couldn't be a female but in today's culture it's hard to make any change to a character without coming across as doing it because of pandering to identity politics or some such.

I'm watching Super Girl season 2 right now and one of the main characters is struggling to come to terms with the idea she's gay after a whole life thinking she's straight and not really fitting into that square peg. To some this might seem to be shoehorning "Oh God, had to have a gay in there. SHEESH!" but to me it feels like a very organic part of the show although the reactions of the other characters are more one dimensional.

My point is a twist doesn't have to have a reason beyond it just being something interesting. Maybe WE'RE the one's reading too much into it.
You're right that a change doesn't necessarily mean it was done for PC reasons, but you've said you haven't really watched Dr Who since the 70s, so you haven't really seen the recent changes. Since the reboot, there's been the fair share of PC identity politics in the show, but this last season took it over the top. Black lesbian companion, a black centurion, two anti-Trump jokes, and more I can't think of off the top of my head. It just felt like every episode was forcing some sort of leftist political content into it. That wasn't done to progress the story, but just because. I'm used to Sci-fi shows having leftist themes, and I don't mind it, if it is for storytelling reasons. I'm not against the idea of a female Doctor, but I'm not overly optimistic at this point.

The Doctor has always been a madman with a box, as long as she's a madwoman with a box, it could be interesting. My concern is that they're going to change the formula up, because they don't want to show a woman in any kind of negative light. One of the interesting things about the reboot is how they've shown the Doctor to not be perfect. How he sometimes makes mistakes and the consequences of those mistakes. I predict if they continue that with a female Doctor there's going to be a ton of criticism that "they'd never have done this or that if it was a male Doctor." We'll see. I'm just glad that Moffat is finally gone. I really enjoyed his stuff with Amy, Rory, and River, but ever since Clara his writing has really dropped off.
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