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Originally Posted by Skookum View Post
I actually tried playing some games on this new setup and I have to admit, if you're stuck with an Apple product and can't use Steam Link you're not missing much. I only tried it with Dirt Rally and Dishonored, but could not get over the lag between the controller and the action onscreen. I have a 5G connection on my WiFi, nonetheless it was pretty much unplayable.
The Steam Link has been the corner stone of many of amazing game nights at my house. But I connect mine directly to my router, WiFi simply doesn't cut it. A draw back for some, a minor nuisance for others and a non-issue for those like myself where my router is a few feet from my TV.

Apple products though, are just... Weird... I don't really know how to describe it. Different to be different, overpriced and overrated. We do own a MacBook, but that is because it came free with my Wifes enrollment in a Masters program a few years ago. I have an Iphone, but it is a company phone and my personal remains an Android.

More on topic, who cares? The steam library is more than enough, let alone the Android app.
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