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Originally Posted by MadMurdock_0311 View Post
Thing is, this isn't Blizzard of old. They combined with Activision in 2008, and have gone downhill since. I'm not even sure how many original members remain. One? Two? None?

It would have been better if their studio was shuttered, like EA did to Westwood Studios (and many others). "Better to burn out than to fade away" and all that. I'm guessing the dumpster fire that they are will fade out fairly soon. Writing's on the wall.
It doesn't matter, even with the Activision brain worm infecting them Blizzard always nominally stood on the right side with gamers.

Over the last few years that veneer has been falling off and with this China thing they lose even the loose pretense they are in it for the games and gamers.

They had better rock socks with their announcements this year at Blizzcon, especially after the "You all have a phone, right" Diablo immortal otherwise they're going to be come just another dev we can't trust. Like Bioware who used to have a steller rep but has now squandered it.
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