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Originally Posted by Chief Smash View Post
I never quite bought that it was Activision that did Blizzard in. I feel like they're a victim of their own success as much as anything else.

This is a big deal though. And maybe this is a result of Activision taking over after all. Blizz was a lot more fun when they were a small company run by a bunch of talented young hungry guys. As much as I loved WoW, I think it changed the company too much and the new culture sort of pushed a lot of the old guard out. But maybe it was Activision's culture seeping in or maybe a combination of both.
Blizzard hasn't been a small company since the mid-2000s.

On the other hand they can pick up a chinese fan for every lost western fan and be more profitable for it so what the fuck do they care? They may as well drop the premise of giving any shits and just say "Fuck you, there are more people in china playing our game than the entire population of the US, so eat shit."
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