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You are completely wrong. People are condemning any company behaving like this. I know I don't give anyone a pass on it.
Many companies are being called out for their bullshit, like the NBA, Disney, etc. There are entire lists of companies and their failures on the matter.

However, some companies are in a particular focus, because although they now claim to want avoid politics in their games, they have demonstrably brought in politics themselves in the past, whenever it was convenient for them. At least some companies who claim that, actually have avoided it at any case in the past, so are in less trouble now.

Otherwise, even though they may have stated their policies and may have Chinese investors, if they haven't yet actually banned anyone, it is silly to condemn them in advance, without a particular case of contention. Although many people are certainly expressing their overall mistrust in the situation.

It is true that this is becoming a widespread problem, but you cannot expect everyone to bring in every issue all the time. It is by case as it arises. Like personally, just because I haven't called out Riot yet, doesn't mean I am their fan and agree with them, it just means there hasn't been an appropriate opportunity yet in the news to discuss them. And just because there are some people giving other companies a pass, doesn't mean the whole problem is a farce.

Right now, Blizzard deserves special attention, because their case so far has been especially appalling. I also think that there is not much "nuanced" and "deep" about the issue. It is pretty damn straightforward for any decent person, really. People in China are getting imprisoned, tortured and murdered for speaking their mind. There are concentration camps for millions. And now they get persecuted even by "our own" companies. There is only one right side on the issue.

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