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After all the hype, and fail, and patching, and updating...

I think it's silly that they have to do a "11 Things That Have Changed Since Launch Trailer".

May as well have named the trailer "This game isn't garbage anymore, we swear! Please come back!"

And maybe that's true - that the game is improved. But it's a tough sell. Especially in gaming. There's always the next amazing game to play. Unless you're a fanatic about something, it's tough to go back and visit from a time ago. Limited time coupled with competition from the games you are already playing coupled with competition for the next big game right around the corner. Especially when the first experience was mediocre at best.

I think, in large, the ship has sailed on this one. And really it's their fault. They should have made the full and complete "vision" first, then released.

It's the same with movies nowadays. Do you want the cash grab now, or do you want quality that will stand the test of time, and build a following for decades.
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