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Originally Posted by Wizzkidd View Post
I heard that they wanted to move to December to get out of the way of all the endless Disney films, and they haven't announced a Star Wars for that December (yet).
Yeah, it seems like Disney is going to be shifting Star Wars back to the Summer at some point; its rumored that Ep10 will be back in the May-ish area.

As much as I love Star Wars during the summer, I actually kind of like it in December. After LotR and The Hobbit trilogies and the two Star Wars films, I enjoy having a big tentpole film at the end of the year. It's kind of nice to be able to get out of the bustle of the Summer movie season and still have a major film to look forward to.

As for the unannounced film I've heard a lot of rumblings about an Armie Hammer Nightwing movie and that he'll possibly become Batman later when Affleck's contract ends.
I'd love to see this arch...but, it feels like it's going to be rushed, just like very other aspect of DC's cinematic universe. It was painfully obvious they were trying to play catch-up with BvS, I wish they had opted for the long game and emulated what Marvel did. Sure, it would take longer for the Avengers-style crossover in Justice League...but they would have been doing things right.

I'd be all sorts of excited to see Nightwing and his "ascension" to the role of Batman...but, they're going to rush it and spoil a golden opportunity for some awesome films.

This was actually my favorite period in the Batman comics over the past decade; they did such a good job and I loved the dynamic between Dick and Damien as Batman and Robin. I actually stopped reading once they brought Bruce back; Dick had truly come into his own as Batman and I felt like it was becoming something interesting and special...until they hit the big ol' Reset Button and brought Bruce back to life.
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